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Names from Tagalog Wattpad Stories

Filipinos love Wattpad.

In 2014, the Philippine Star reported that seven million Filipinos visited Wattpad every month. Back then, the country accounted for 23% of the site's annual traffic and its second biggest market behind only the United States. Of the eight writers followed by more than a hundred thousand people, five were Filipino, with the most popular being HaveYouSeenThisGirl with over 225,000 followers. She has since been succeeded by Jonaxx - the first Filipino to have a verified Wattpad account, the first Fiipino to have a million Wattpad followers, and the most followed writer on Wattpad, period, surpassing Anna Todd of After fame. The orange app has spelled success for a fair number of my other compatriots, with their books becoming bestsellers and being adapted into movies and series. In general, their work isn't really my style - for starters, I prefer to read in English - but I don't begrudge them. Writing is hard and they make people happy with it.

I'm just more interested in the names of their characters than their plots.

The individual authors may have different tastes, but taken together, there's...something about their naming style. It's not just the Spanish (or Chinese, or native) surnames, either. Since I can't describe exactly what it is, I'll just list them all here. And before anyone asks...


They really are named that.

Possessive Series

Author: CeCeLib

Number of Books: 26

Erotic romance novels with black-and-white photos of abs on the covers. Need I say more?

The men (who, presumably, possess the aforementioned abs) are listed first, followed by the women; each pair is listed according to the book that they appear in.

  1. Tyron Zapanta / Raine Lynn Dizon
  2. Iuhence Vergara / Mhelanie Tschauder
  3. Train Wolkzbin / Krisz Romero
  4. Lander Storm / Vienna Sugon
  5. Calyx Vargaz / Etheyl Vallega
  6. Dark Montero / Anniza Gonzales
  7. Ymar Stroam / Czarina Salem
  8. Shun Kim / Themarie Alfonso
  9. Lash Coleman / Nez Fernandez
  10. Lath Coleman / Haze Tito
  11. Valerian Volkzki / Grace Oquendo
  12. Cali Sudalga / Annette Roan
  13. Evren Yilmaz / Faith Gabriel
  14. Lysander Callahan / Jergen Carbonell Camince
  15. Phoenix Martinez / Rhoana Elyzabeth Dadaria
  16. Titus Morgan / Macezequeen Castolina
  17. Hunt Baltazar / Tessmarie de Leon
  18. Pierce Rios Muller / Gladz Valdeleon
  19. Beckett Furrer / Ruth Pascua
  20. Andrius Salazar / Ivy Gonzaga
  21. Knight Velasquez / Sweet Monday Lopez
  22. Khairro Stanford / Eliza Velasquez
  23. Thorn Calderon / Cassia Wisper
  24. Ream Oliveros / Dinsyl Descartin-Davidson
  25. Reigo Vasquez / Zehannah Sevil


University Series

Author: 4euminct

Number of Books: 5

Romance novels where the leads are university students in the greater Manila area, more properly called the NCR. The schools in question (all real) are perhaps the local equivalent of the Ivy League.

  1. Kalix Jace Martinez / Louisse Natasha Valeria
  2. Akihiro Leonel Juarez / Ashianna Kim Fernandez
  3. Sebastian Vincent Camero / Amora Elyse Ledesma
  4. Clyden Jaile Ramirez / Samantha Maureen Vera
  5. Larkin Olivier Sanchez / Avianna Rye Diaz

Seniors Series

Author: alluringli

Number of Books: 5

Teen romance novels where the leads are in Grades 11-12 at the (fictional) University of St. Joan of Arc. This time, I'm going to list the girls first because...why not?

  1. Zafirah Sidney Sanchez / Sarathiel Zyler Aracosa
  2. Arrisea Cabrera / Adonis Renoir Reverio
  3. Philomena Gracia Valderama / Iscalade Jance Altreano
  4. Pauletta Jayne Angeles / Giorgion San Pedro
  5. Solstice Lavender Reverio/ Etienne Nealcail Soteiro

Teen Clash

Author: iDangs

Number of Books: 2

Enemies-to-lovers teen romance by the looks of it. Features four couples.