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Congratulations, Grant Freedom and Kurtney Love: Names From the 2022 Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination (CPALE)

On October 26, 2022, the PRC released the results of the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination (CPALE). Out of 6,665 examinees, 1,722 (25.84%) passed.

Excluding the 20 people whose sex I could not determine through a quick Facebook search (ex. no profile with the given name, no profile picture, no mentions in other posts), 1,123 women and 579 men passed the exam.

The Women

Among the women, 390 (34.73%) had only one given name, 694 (61.80%) had two, and 39 (3.47%) had three.

First Given Names

The most popular initials for the first given name were M (162, 14.43%), J (134, 11.93%), A (128, 11.40%), C (120, 10.69%), and R (76, 6.77%). These initials account for 55.22% of the sample.

Bearers Name
36 Ma.
20 Mary
14 Christine
11 Maria
9 Nicole
8 Angelica, Kristine, Patricia
7 Danica, Jessa, Marielle, Michelle
6 Alyssa, Angela, Rica
5 Anna, Camille, Carla, Erika, Hannah, Hazel, Marie, Mia, Shiela, Sittie
4 Anne, Catherine, Claire, Denise, Jamaica, Kathleen, Micah, Pamela, Paula, Pauline, Samantha, Sheena, Sheila
3 Abegail, Ana, Andrea, Angel, Angelika, Arianne, Bianca, Chelsea, Cristine, Daisy, Dana, Danielle, Dea, Deanne, Dianne, Donna, Elyza, Fatima, Iris, Ivy, Jacqueline, Jane, Joyce, Julia, Karen, Karla, Kate, Kimberly, Krizia, Lorena, Louise, Maureen, Mica, Mikaela, Mira, Monica, Precious, Princess, Regine, Rhea, Shaira, Sofia, Sophia, Trisha, Vanessa, Veronica
2 Aila, Aira, Alicia, Allaine, Allysa, Allyssa, Almira, Alyana, Angeline, Athena, Carol, Casey, Celine, Cheska, Coleen, Crystal, Diana, Diane, Dorothy, Eden, Elaiza, Elisha, Ella, Eloisa, Erica, Eunice, Faye, Geraldine, Honey, Honeylet, Janna, Jade, Jean, Jenifer, Jennifer, Joan, Joana, Justine, Kaye, Keith, Kim, Kirsten, Krisha, Kristel, Kyla, Kyra, Lea, Leanne, Lovely, Madeleine, Marianne, Maricar, Marjorie, Mylene, Nikka, Niña, Rachel, Rebecca, Renee, Rizza, Rocelle, Rochelle, Roselyn, Roxanne, Ruffa, Sarah, Shania, Shaniah, Sharmaine, Shella, Stephanie, Theresa, Tricia, Venus, Vina, Wynona, Xena

Christine pulls ahead of Mary when all the spellings are combined. The most popular first given name, of course, is Maria (more commonly spelled Ma. in this sample).

Bearers Name (Alternate Spellings)
47 Ma. (Maria)
27 Christine (Chrysteen, Cristine, Khristine, Kristine)
20 Mary
11 Angelica (Angelika)
10 Alyssa (Allysa, Allyssa)
9 Nicole, Shiela (Sheila)
8 Anna (Ana), Jessa (Jesa), Carla (Karla), Marielle (Mariell), Patricia
7 Danica, Erika (Erica), Micah (Mica, Micka), Michelle
6 Abegail (Abagael, Abhigail, Abigayle), Angela, Camille (Kamille), Hannah (Hanna), Kathleen (Kathlene, Kathlyn), Mikaela (Micaela, Michaela, Mikaella), Rica, Sofia (Sophia)
5 Anne (Ann), Catherine (Cathrine), Crisselle (Crizle, Cryzel, Krizzle, Kryzyl), Danielle (Danniel, Dannielle), Dianne (Diane), Elyza (Elaiza), Hazel, Joan (Joane, Joann, Joanne), Kristel (Christel, Chrystelle, Cristelle), Krizia (Krisha), Marie, Mia, Sittie, Trisha (Tricia)
4 Claire, Coleen (Colleen, Kolin), Denise, Donna (Dona), Fatima (Fatimah), Jamaica, Jennifer (Jenifer), Joana (Joanah, Joanna), Karen (Karren), Leanne (Lheiann, Lian), Pamela, Paula, Pauline, Rocelle (Roselle, Rosselle), Samantha, Shania (Shaniah), Sheena, Stephanie (Stefhanie, Stephannie)
3 Aira (Irah), Almira (Almirah), Alyana (Alyanna), Andrea, Angel, Arianne, Bianca, Chelsea, Daisy, Dana (Danah, Danna), Deanne (Deann), Iris, Ivy, Jasmine (Jasmin, Jazzmin), Jacqueline, Jane, Jovelyn (Jovylyn, Jowvelyn), Joyce, Julia, Kate, Kim (Khim), Kimberly, Kyla (Kaila), Lea (Leah), Lorena, Louise, Lovely, Marjorie (Margery), Maureen, Mira, Monica, Mylene (Mylyn), Nikka (Nika), Precious, Princess, Rachel (Rachelle), Regine, Reina (Raena, Rheyna), Renee (Renae), Rhea, Rizza (Riza), Shaira, Vanessa, Veronica
2 Aila, Aisha (Ayesha), Alexis (Aleckxis), Alicia, Allaine, Alliah (Allieyah), Angeline, April (Apryll), Athena, Carina (Karina), Carol, Cassandra (Kassandra), Casey, Cecile (Cecille), Celine, Charlotte (Sharlotte), Cheska, Cindy (Cindie), Clarence (Clarrence), Claribel (Claribelle), Crystal, Czarina (Czareena), Daniela (Daniella), Dea, Dorothy, Eden, Ella, Elisha, Eloisa, Eunice, Faye, Frances (Francis), Geraldine, Honey, Honeylet, Jaira (Jairah), Jade, Janna, Janine (Janin), Jean, Jemima (Jemimah), Jenny (Jeny), Justine, Kaye, Keith, Kirsten, Kyra, Lyka (Laika), Madeleine, Marianne, Maricar, Nicky (Nikki), Nicollene (Nicolyn), Niña, Rebecca, Reign (Rein), Rhoda (Roda), Rochelle, Roselyn, Roxanne, Ruffa, Sarah, Sharmaine, Shayne (Shane), Shella, Theresa, Venus, Vina, Wynona, Xena

Second Given Names

The most popular initials for the second given name are M (166, 22.65%), A (110, 15.01%), J (104, 14.19%), C (48, 6.55%), and L (41, 5.59%).

Mae is the most popular second given name, followed by Marie and Joy.

Bearers Name
83 Mae
36 Marie
34 Joy
27 Anne
15 Rose
14 Jane
13 Joyce, Nicole
12 Angela
11 Ann, Grace, Kate
8 Andrea
7 Claire, Louise, May
6 Faith
5 Camille, Faye
4 Angelica, Kaye, Luisa, Rae
3 Alexis, Angeli, Carmela, Dawn, Fe, Frances, Gabrielle, Gayle, Jayne, Jean, Kathleen, Katrina, Lyn, Lou, Marianne, Mariz, Ruth, Sofia, Therese
2 Abigail, Agnes, Angelika, Angeline, Antoinette, Antonette, Ashley, Audrey, Beatrice, Beatriz, Bianca, Catherine, Coleen, Danielle, Denise, Elizabeth, Hazel, Hope, Isabelle, Jade, Jan, Janine, Kristine, Lei, Louisse, Marian, Mariel, Micah, Monique, Pearl, Sophia, Trisha

Anne pulls ahead of Marie when all the spellings are combined. It's still not enough to overtake Mae.

Bearers Name (Alternate Spellings)
91 Mae (May, Maye)
38 Anne (Ann)
37 Marie (Mari)
36 Joy (Jhoy, Joi)
18 Jane (Jaine, Jayne)
15 Rose
14 Joyce (Joice), Nicole (Necole)
13 Angela (Anjela)
11 Grace, Kate
9 Louise (Louisse)
8 Andrea
7 Claire
6 Angelica (Angelika), Faith, Faye (Fay)
5 Camille, Kaye (Kay), Luisa (Louisa), Marianne (Marian), Sofia (Sophia)
4 Angeli (Angelie), Antoinette (Antonette), Coleen (Colleen, Coline), Gayle (Gail), Micah (Mica, Micka), Rae
3 Angeline (Angelyn), Alexis, Carmela, Dawn, Denise (Dennise), Elaine (Ellaine, Elane), Fe, Frances, Gabrielle, Isabelle (Ysabel), Jean, Kathleen, Katrina, Lou, Lyn, Mariz, Ruth, Therese
2 Abigail, Agnes, Ashley, Audrey, Beatrice, Beatriz, Bianca, Catherine, Christina (Cristina), Chrizel (Crizel), Danielle, Diane (Dianne), Elizabeth, Erica (Erika), Hazel, Hope, Jade, Jan, Janine, Kristel (Christele), Kristine, Kyla (Kaila), Lei, Mariel, Maxine (Maxynne), Mikaela (Mikaella), Monique, Pearl, Trisha

Third Given Names

Mae (3) and Patricia (2) were the third given names that occurred most often. The rest were Alexa, Alexis, Alondra, Anne, April, Camille, Danielle, Denise, Erika, Eunice, Frances, Frans, Gail, Grace, Iona, Isabelle, Izza, Jane, Joy, Joyce, Kate, Labrynt, Lourdes, Maria, Marie, Mie, Nicole, Noreene, Teresa, Therese, Vera, Yam, and Yana.


Name My Thoughts
Axeilou Isseymiyaki Labrynt I know that Issey Miyake was a fashion designer and that the minotaur was in the labyrinth. I don't know how this particular string of names was assembled.
Buenafe Literally "good faith" in Spanish. I've only ever seen this as a surname, and the American surname-as-first-name practice isn't really a thing over here, so this surprised me.
Chuwalei Typing this out as three different syllables (chu wa lei) in Google Translate yields "frog removal" in English. I really don't think that was what her parents meant, though. Another possibility: it's "Julie" written out with an accent.
Jehovah Maybe Ariana Grande was right.
Marjurish Marjorie + Irish (yes, I know girls named Irish)?
Kurtney Love Some parents name their kids for celebrities. Others smash their own names together and give the result to their babies. And a few, by mixing the names of their favorite celebrity couples, eat their cake and have it, too.
Venaphania Glysdi Is the first name Venus + Theophania (the name where Tiffany comes from) and the second name Gliceria (with the spelling changed) + Diana? At any rate, it would fit in a fantasy novel just fine.

The Men

First Given Names

The most popular initials for the first given name are J (144, 24.87%), R (61, 10.54%), A (56, 9.67%), M (53, 9.15%), and C (41, 7.08%).

Bearers Name
44 John
12 Christian
11 Mark
8 Joshua
6 Marc
5 Carlo, Jose, Joseph, Marvin, Ralph
4 Carl, Charles, Francis, James, Jan, Justine, Luis, Michael, Nathaniel, Paul, Vince
3 Angelo, Anthony, Bryan, Clark, Ernest, Gabriel, Jayson, Jesse, Jon, Jude, Karl, Miguel, Mohammad, Paolo, Renz, Ron, Ronald
2 Adrian, Aldrin, Aldwin, Andrew, Dan, Dexter, Dominic, Dwight, Earl, Ian, Ivan, Jasper, Jerald, Jerico, Joe, Justin, Keith, Ken, Kenneth, Kent, Kim, Kirk, Kristoffer, Manuel, Melvin, Neil, Patrick, Paulino, Prince, Rafael, Ram, Rex, Reynaldo, Russel, Ryan, Spencer, Steve, Tristan, Victor, Yves

Mark pulls ahead of Christian when all the spellings are combined. It's still not enough to overtake John.

Bearers Name (Alternate Spellings)
52 John (Jhon, Jon, Jan)
17 Mark (Marc)
12 Christian
8 Joshua
7 Carl (Karl)
6 Carlo (Karlo), Justine (Justin)
5 Francis (Frances), Jose, Joseph, Kristoffer (Christopher, Christoper, Cristoper), Marvin, Ralph, Vince (Vinz)
4 Charles, James, Jayson (Jason), Luis, Michael, Mohammad (Muhammad), Nathaniel, Paul
3 Angelo, Anthony, Bryan, Clark, Earl (Erl), Ernest, Gabriel, Jerald (Gerald), Jerico (Jericho), Jesse, Jude, Miguel, Neil (Neal), Paolo, Patrick (Patrik), Renz, Ron, Ronald
2 Adrian, Aldrin, Aldwin, Andrew, Dan, Daniel (Danielle), Dexter, Dominic, Dwight, Ian, Ivan, Jasper, Jeffrey (Jeffry), Joe, Keith, Ken, Kenneth, Kent, Kim, Kirk, Lawrence (Lorenz), Leonell (Leonelle), Manuel, Melvin, Paulino, Philip (Phillip), Prince, Rafael, Ram, Randel (Randelle), Rex, Reynaldo, Rovi (Rovie), Russel, Ryan, Spencer, Steve, Tristan, Victor, Yves

Second Given Names

The most popular initials for the second given name are J (76, 20.43%), A (31, 8.33%), M (29, 7.80%), C (23, 6.18%), and E (22, 5.91%).

Bearers Name
12 John
9 James
7 Joseph
6 Christian, Joshua, Paul
5 Angelo, Jay, Miguel, Patrick
4 Carl, Jasper, Niño, Paulo, Steven
3 Andrei, Bryan, Enrico, Gabriel, Ivan, Kenneth, Kent, Mar, Matthew, Michael, Renz, Ryan
2 Alexis, Andrew, Antonio, Benedict, Brylle, Carlo, Carlos, Cedric, Christopher, Dave, David, Emil, Ernest, Francis, Gerard, Ian, Jeffrey, Jhon, Jude, Justin, Leo, Lester, Luigi, Luis, Marc, Nathaniel, Oliver, Rafael, Troy, Vincent

Third Given Names

The third given names in the sample were Renne, Reigner, Francis, Deo, Victor, Matuan, Dominic, Martin, Randell, Troy, Kussein, Joshua, and Clemence.


Name My Thoughts
Chazmiklos Chaz began as an abbreviation of Charles, while Miklos (include the diacritic) is Hungarian for Nicholas. Once again, I've no idea if his parents had that in mind.
Ferrarey Move over, Alexus.
Glein Koala Teddy's a name and so is Bear. Why not Koala?
Grant Freedom Could be the sidekick to Captain Philipp Ines (the name of at least two real people, one a cop and the other a doctor).
Mark Haijakk that second name pronounced the way I think it is?
Pervin I never knew this was a name until I started typing this. Specifically, it's the Turkish spelling of a Persian girl's name that refers to the Pleiades. Another route: the parents thought, "We want something like Mervin, but a little different."
Rhynzzie Lorenzo --> Renz --> Renzie --> Rhynzzie?